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A comprehensive, multidimensional and a holistic program that works on the root cause of Acne. Also provides the real solution to eradicate Acne in less than 30 days. It works on 3 easy principles:

1. What acne is and why it happens?

2. What doesn’t work for acne?

3. Proven ways to get rid of acne.

It is not a sales page or a medicinal program to heal patient but its real information to use and cure acne for life time.


It is the missing piece of the acne puzzle that doctors and pharmacy companies have either haven’t found yet or they don’t want to reveal. Acne no more works on 5 key principles of getting clear skin:

1. Drugs or medicines make skin even worse as they damage the internal system of the body.

2. Anti acne creams, gels or cleansers are worthless as they work on symptoms not to the root cause.

3. Strange relation of diet and acne.

4. Acne is not just a problem with skin but it’s the symptom for internal disorder.

5. Find the true causes and ways to cure acne.

It works on the basic principles and will provide you results in 4 to 6 months of taking the program.The way the program influences you:

1. No acne anymore.

2. No pimples and white heads

3. Skin get well toned.

4. Hair gets thicker.

5. Person gets healthier in all physical and mental aspects.



Acne no more program is the result of the research that took Dr. Mike Walden, a certified health consultant and nutrition expert, over thirty thousand hours to find the real solution for Acne. He has successfully treated over thirty thousand patient across the globe suffering from the acne problem. His extensive 12 years research to eradicate all types of acne problem is now getting popular day by day and has benefited persons across 157 nations of the globe.


1. Step by step process for clean skin system.

2. Guidance to 100% hormone balancing supplements.

3. Powerful external weapon for clear skin.

4. Ways to improve vitality and texture of skin.

5. Acne no more quick result program:

It is a short, practical program that yields significant results.

6. 3 Herb details to improve the immunity of the body.

7. 30 minutes of daily routine program to get rid of acne permanently.

8. Powerful ways to eradicate the harmful micro organisms that causes skin problems.

9. Goal setting strategies to make the program successful for you and to get clear acne free skin.


1. Complete handbook full of naturopathic cures with a 265 page description for the home remedies of almost every health issue. Get this $ 29.95 book absolutely free with the program.

2. Be your own doctor: A booklet with ideas for ideal diet. Get this exclusive book of worth $ 29.95 completely free.

3. Healing ability of water: Amazing book of a market worth of $ 27 with real facts about the healing ability of water absolutely free.

4. Private counseling: One on one counseling with Dr. Mike Walden worth $ 197 for free for 3 months.

5. Free lifetime updates worth $ 27.


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