Create your own hip hop music and beats without owning any studio. Produce exclusive pop, jazz, rock, and rap, house songs in your own way just by the help of BTV solo program. No additional keyboard. Just use your PC or notebook and make what you have always dreamed; unique and original sounds and beats.


Are you fond of music? Do you like to create new beats and music that will be highly appreciated by everyone and make you a real artist? Or maybe you are just an amateur and one of your hobbies is to write music, record it and just enjoy it. Have you ever heard of BTV solo software? This is ideal software for your PC or Laptop that allows you to produce fine sounds with different styles. You do not need to have a special equipment or additional keyboard, just download the program easily on your PC and follow the instructions carefully. Work out your imagination and fill the world with your perfect sounds made by BTV solo software.

Software specifications and features:

  • Allow you to create more than 1000 professionally designed sounds which will help you to make more than16 tracks
  • After creation of the beat you can easily delete it in case you do not like it or want to edit and make a new one
  • BTV Solo includes a section to edit WAV files, and then you can add different effects.
  • Help to produce music with step by step videos and suggests live support from real engineers.
  • The software gives you over 100 electronic and acoustic instruments for live chords, choirs, effects, and more.





The creator of this software is Dallas Austin who has a worldwide recognition. He is a famous and featured Grammy winning producer, songwriter and has written songs for the world stars like Lady Gaga, Pink, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. With this software he shares his experience and skills used in his own songs giving you the chance to make your own beats.


Buy this wonderful software for 39.95$ and enjoy thousands of songs and beats made by you. Order it now from official website

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