Bulk SMS Caster

Bulk SMS Caster is a unique program that is used to Send Quick SMS to multiple or hundreds of recipients. You can import the phone number from Phone book and Add Numbers from MS WORD Files and data using COPY or PASTE. You are also allowed to add numbers manually and send texts to your friend and family.

SMS Caster comes in three ways with a powerful feature of broadcast. You are allowed to perform other task on your phone.
1. Auto generates series.
2. Predefined List.
3. Phone Book.

If you know how to send an email, then you will have no problem using SMS Caster’s navigating interface. There are many options that can be found nice and shiny buttons on the main window. This is like any message divided sending application.

Special features of the software

  • You can send thousands of SMS easily at a time from your computer.
  • The software receives incoming SMS into your computer.
  • It supports long SMS, SMS mail merge and flash SMS.
  • You do not have to go for a registration.
  • No SMS gateway is required.
  • You can use your existing Sony Ericsson, Nokia or Motorola mobile phone.



  • Convenient: you can send and receive SMS right from your computer. The program does not rely on an internet SMS gateway.
  • Low cost: no registration is required to use this software. You also do not need to pre pay and also no need to purchase SMS credits before starting. You can use your existing mobile phone.
  • Phone book: you can manage your contact list for various marketing campaigns into project files.
  • Unlimited SMS: you are able to send and receive unlimited amount of sms during the license period.
  • Send in different languages: the program supports GSM 7 bit and UCS2 encoding. So you can compose your SMS in many different languages including German, French, Cyrillic, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Dutch and many more.

Bulk SMS Caster Pros:

Bulk SMS Caster program’s interface gets straight to the point and makes it so much easy. Any complex menus there is absolutely no need to navigate.  Advanced settings are also done automatically. All you need is just connecting your mobile phone to the computer.

Bulk SMS Caster Cons:

Bulk SMS Caster programs are not supported in some mobile phones. But with the major brands you would not have any problems.

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