Did the oppressor mk2 ruined GTA?

Does Oppressor MKII still ruin GTA Online for many players? Yes, yes it does. Public lobbies are still full of griefers and low level players who have purchased the Oppressor MKII by buying Shark Cards.

Which GTA 5 oppressor is better?

Verdict. The real difference-maker between the two truly lies in their utility, as the Oppressor MK II will serve the player far better in GTA Online. If the player is starting out and is looking for that first big purchase after the Buzzard, then the Oppressor MK II makes the most sense.

What is faster Hydra or Lazer?

Top speed. When it comes to flying through the air, one plane is faster than the other. In this case, the Hydra beats the Lazer at top speeds, making it the faster plane once it has taken off.

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