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A revolutionary health program that enables the women to tighten and strain their thighs as like their male counterparts. Excise techniques that will let you workout as hard as the counter males do on the gym. Get the access to an exclusive female’s formula for a flawless figure. Build up your body in the shape you have always desired and feel the confidence in you.

About the Founder:

Falvia Del Monte ,a registered nurse, certified trainer and experience at master level nutrition level certified trainer, has evolved this amazing exercise program exclusively for females. She has gone through various researches and fitness program and finally revealed the solution to problem that how to get and well maintained figure.

 About the product:

This female force formula includes:

  1. Postural tips that helps you to get a perfect shape.
  2. Hormonal information’s about the body type and size.
  3. Nutritional advice to tone up your body.
  4. And specific workout needed for a women’s body.

This product is best suited for beginners and for persons who want to maintain their physiques for a long time. This package gives you a step by step formula to drop my all unwanted body fat and a 13.4 % removal of your body fat and give you the body you always wanted. This provides you the intelligent way to burn you fat. Every one of you wants to you what exactly it is:

  • F =  Stands for full body workouts
  • O = Stands for organized overload workouts.
  • R = Stands for radical and rapid movements for rapid results.
  • C = Stands for Challenging cardio-core workouts.
  • E = Stands for exceeding your expectations with extreme metabolic “disturbance & debt”.


This is a proven and tested formula which is created by females for females to unleash the beautiful potential.  Getting a flawless body is a Strategy, science and simplicity. Introducing the full 5 disk DVD workout system here what you will get in all DVD’s:

  1. DVD one will tights and trims thighs.
  2. Show off stomach
  3. Booty booster.
  4. Sleek and shapely shoulders.
  5. Beautiful backside.

Additionally you will get tips to the food supplements which will help you to burn your fat, secondly tips hormone control to annihilate special problem areas. Thirdly Easy to use and downloadable spreadsheets which guarantee results. Fourthly a kitchen makeover and at last Fab 5 supplement guide for your diet and supplements. This product is designed with the simple and best one goal to get your best body ever.

Cost of the package:

Get this amazing product with a onetime huge discount at just  $47 by doing so you will get access to easy to downloadable workouts and start losing you your body fat by applying these workout techniques. Building and fit and perfect shaped body isn’t a perfect task but now you can do it by applying this simple workout system to get your desired body shape. It’s a risk free 60 day’s money back guarantee. Just visit : www.fullbodyliciousworkout.com and get access to all the programs .

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