How steep a hill can an electric bike climb?

Do I need gears on my electric bike?

The simple answer to the question straight away is no. Now electric bikes at their core are standard bicycles and just like standard bicycles, they don’t have to have gears. Aug 29, 2021

How far can a 750W ebike go?

But speaking generally, I find that most 500-750W throttle e-bikes ridden at an average speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) on only slightly hilly terrain get me around 25 Wh/mi (or 15.6 Wh/km). Thus an e-bike of this style with a 480Wh battery would provide me with around 19 miles of range (480 Wh รท 25 Wh/mi = 19.2 miles). Jun 12, 2020
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