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This complete package provides you the complete and sure shot tricks and proven methods to learn piano in more easily and efficient methods. This product contains total 10 books and 500 audio files and more than 200 video files to teach you how to easily learn piano and be an expert in playing piano with list of examples and demo training sessions. You will get started teaching with basic chord base on popular rhythms consider any popular rhythm style. This guide will help you in achieving professional sound expert.

About the Product:

  1. Book 1:

This  will provide rhythm styles with 10 classic party themes, keyboard diagrams ,bluffs, tricks this totally contains 15 videos and 101 audio files.

  1. Book 2:

Complete guides to blues and rocks and rolls how to recognize rhythms this contains 7 videos and 15 audio files.

  1. Book 3:

Chord magic provides amazing memory tricks and practice formats of popular songs. This contains total 4 videos and 38 audio files.

  1. Book 4:

This book provides advanced chords how to do these in easy way not technically this contains total 7 videos and 55 audio files.

  1. Book 5:

Ways to use your chord knowledge to make new piano ballad style and apply it to melodies in just easy three steps. This book contains total 33 videos and 65 audio files.

  1. Book 6:

Ways to make the jazz piano easy amazing tricks to apply modern jazz improvisation and flashy runs etc. this book contains total 45 videos and 117 audio files.

And 4 other books teaching you facts and methods  for improving your piano.

More than 200 video lessons: in addition to these books this guide will also provides you 200 videos taking you in complete depth of piano and plenty of instructions to improve your skills quickly. If you are not able to understand the written file then you are also having the option to listen the files and understand them better.

Around 500 Audio lesions for piano teaching: in Addition to the above mentioned details you are also provide with 500 file that will definitely help you to improve your piano skills.

Bonus with the Product:

The book to improve your  ability to learn piano by 400%. This book will guide you how to become more creative in piano by doing nothing. Just fee tips to keep in mind and you will be on the top of the world.

Cost of the product:

This complete set can be downloaded in one just single click by accessing to the membership of this product. This product actual price id $79 but in a special offer it is for you today in just $ 39. And this product also come with and extraordinary feature of 60 days money back guarantee. And they also provide the feature to get this program on one single CD-ROM anywhere in the world.

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