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Sing with full vocal range and like a professional without great efforts. Make your voice sound everywhere with the help of SINGORAMA. Singorama is a singing course which will help everyone to sing perfectly without spending great money and will improve your voice. Get the course right now and make your dream of becoming a singer come true with SINGORAMA!


Have you ever dreamed of singing on big stages like real pop stars? Do you have voice but still need some practice and training in order to improve it? Do you intend starting singing career and want to attend singing lessons? This is a dream that most people want to achieve. Developing singing skills may become one of the keys to your success in this sphere and completely change your life. Now it has become possible and quite easy to improve your voice and sing like a professional without attending some lessons and paying a great amount of money. SINGORAMA is the software that provides all the instructions to make person a real singer. It is complete singing software that helps to improve singer’s quality regardless of the level. It will teach you all the tips and also will provide you with the adequate reference.



  • The software offers  great exercises to  extend your vocal range, improve  your voice, practice intervals
  • Audio lessons that help to develop exact breathing techniques.
  • Supplementary eBooks that are added to audio lessons and give you double training
  • 3 original Singorama songs to sing along with it. All of them are professionally recorded and will help you to improve your skills
  • The software is easy to download and when installing it you need to run one installer and all other programs will work on your computer


The creator of Singorama singing software is Emily Mander who is a professional music teacher from Australia. While looking for different singing programs on the web she could not find something interesting and really useful so it came to her mind creating the very program that will help music fans to develop their singing skills. The program was developed in cooperation with music professionals.


Be the one to get the product with only 99.95 USD for onetime payment.  Along with this great program you will get 2 bonuses completely FREE:

#1 Guide to Reading Music FREE

#2 Learning Techniques for Singing FREE

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