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It gets your email delivery work done right through the revolutionary mail transaction protocol called SMTP. It takes control over the delivery of the mail and thus saves your time and money.

If you are sending an email you have 3 ways

1. Through Internet service provider or simple mail transaction protocol of your web provider:

The system is usually slow, have a long down time and you have restrictions on sending the emails and thus bear frustrations in such systems.

2. Servers that have dedicated service emails:

It is a good system but buying a dedicated server will cost you around $ 750 a month and would be too heavy on your pocket. Moreover for the maintenance of the server you need to hire a technician as well.

3. SMTP2GO System:

It is the most advanced and easy way to send emails with a guarantee that they will be delivered to the destinations and that too on time. You just need to sit back and leave all the email work to the SMTP2GO and it will automatically perform the tasks.

Why to use SMTP2GO?

1. Where all other email services fail the SMTP2GO still proves efficient.

2. Efficient in sending the emails to the remote areas and it has been tried and tested for such situations.

3. Its like a black box for emails. You will always find the delivery report as sent in the message info.

4. It is a complete transparent system.


1. Compatible with every email application that use mail transfer protocol server:

You can use it any software that supports SMTP server. You can also attach it to your own applications by following the instructions for the setup.

2. Mails get delivered surely:

Tried and tested system in the industry for years. Handling emails of thousands of the costumers since 2006.

3. Steady Infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the hardware is solid and provides speedy deliveries. It has dedicated servers hosted by Servint, one of the well known hosting providers in U.S.A.. The data is been analyzed for 24 hours under the supervision of the technicians to ensure reliability and security of the data.

4. Global service for the mail transfer protocol:

You can send your email to any location in the world. You can send anything to each and every corner of the world as it has been designed to work globally. It has a large number of satisfied costumers all over the world that proves its global service.

5. Reports in the real time frame:

You can completely track the email you are sending .Also you can find whether the email has been received as a message or a spam.

6. Complete Support:

Get the complete support for any of your query through the experts any time.

You can try this amazing product for free by just visiting the official site:

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