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Socrates Premium Theme is an amazing wordpress theme with premium features that has been created by marketers for marketers. It is the platform to create and monetize blog in a little time. It has a complete CMS based application that enables user to have a dynamic and a easy to access interface.

Premium Word press Theme created by Marketers for Marketers


The theme is among the premium word press themes and is characterized by a lot of features and plus points that have been mentioned below:

1. It has been created by two well known personalities, one is the bestselling author Joel Comm and other is the social media expert Dan Nickerson.

2. The theme has been created thumbnail.

3. The Socrates enables the user to create numerous designs for the website that are 100 percent unique.

4. The designs can be created within the matter of few minutes. And the theme created would serve as the best and the only theme you would opt thereafter.

5. Socrates is completely monetized theme by ad sense and Clickbank. So you can straight away start earning from the website when you activate the theme.

6. Socrates is completely optimized to the major search engines and thus is easy to get ranked to the SERP’s.

7. Socrates theme comes with over 220 niche headers to offer for you.

8. Socrates theme has a incredible support system and you get every kind of assistance to all your queries.

9. You get an absolutely free 7 day trail so that you can analyze the performance of Socrates theme on your website.

10. Onetime fee for all offers and no more reoccurring fee to be charged afterwards.

11. A full 60 day money back guarantee with no questions to be asked is also offered with the theme so your investment is 100 percent secure and you can pull back whenever you fell dissatisfied.


What Socrates License offers?

The single allow license enables you to use the Socrates theme on your word press site completely. But it’s a onetime installation and you cannot install to any other system.

The other version is the unlimited domain version where you get access for multiple times and you can install the theme one time for the single domain.



Get this amazing responsive theme with attached monetization and search engine features on a high discounted one time offer at just:

1. Pay only $ 27 for the single license version of the theme.

2. Pay only $ 47 for the unlimited domain version of the theme where you can opt up to any number of domains with no extra cost for their licensing.

Get this amazing theme from the official site: and feel the power of blogging.

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